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Company sponsored retirement plans are highly structured tax exempt entities.  The administration of a qualified retirement plan is dictated by the provisions of federal regulation. The tax code requires that plans undergo certain annual non-discrimination testing.  Plans are also subject to annual reporting requirements of the DOL and IRS.

At Clemons & Pierce, our duties include preparing the retirement plan document; maintaining the employee census; processing loans and withdrawals; filing all annual reporting requirements such as the Form 5500 and related Schedules, Forms 1099R and Form 945. We also ensure that the plan’s investment manager properly maintains the accounts of the participants.

Clemons & Pierce, Inc. can handle the complex tasks involved in the administration of any qualified retirement plan, whether it is a Defined Contribution or Defined Benefit type of plan.  We can do so in a cost effective manner. By using a Third Party Administrator, the employer can focus on the success of the business, rather than on the complex administration of the company’s retirement plan.